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Progress report

2020 EU Blue Economy Report

The 2020 EU Blue Economy Report from the European Commission analyses the size of the Blue Economy in the European Union,…
11 Jun 2020
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Progress report

UK Ocean Energy 2019 Review

The UK Ocean Energy 2019 Review outlines the progress made in wave and tidal technologies, markets and policy in the…
24 Mar 2020
Technology Policy Finance
Progress report

OES Annual Report 2019

Ocean Energy Systems (OES) Annual Report 2019 presents the progress made in the ocean energy sector in OES member countries. Last…
18 Mar 2020
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Research report

OES report: Ocean energy in islands and remote coastal areas

A report from OES ‘Ocean energy in islands and remote coastal areas’ explores the opportunities and challenges of ocean energy deployment in…
By Henry Jeffrey & Mr Yann-Hervé De Roeck
26 Dec 2020
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