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Finance Policy Technology Progress report

2022 UK Ocean Energy Review

By Henry Jeffrey & Kristofer Grattan

In collaboration with Wave Energy Scotland and Supergen ORE Hub, the University of Edinburgh’s Policy and Innovation Group has released their 2022 UK Ocean Energy Review.  The report outlines the UK’s supporting polices for the ocean energy sector, including strategy at a national and devolved level, market incentives available to the sector and updates to public funding programmes and major funding decisions in 2022.

This is followed by an update regarding the progress of research and development at key R&D institutions and major updates from a range of key R&D projects. The report then provides updates from the major UK test centres and demonstration zones across the country, followed by a compressive review of current and planned deployments of array and demonstration projects that were ongoing throughout 2022. Finally, the report concludes with a summary of relevant national events held in the UK last year and the ones that are expected to be held this year.

This is an extract, full report available as PDF download

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