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OES Annual Report 2023


The annual report from the International Energy Agency’s Ocean Energy Systems (IEA-OES) Technology Programme for 2023 provides a comprehensive overview of the sector’s progress in innovation and sustainability. Key highlights include the release of a strategic roadmap targeting 300GW of ocean energy by 2050, advancements in incorporating environmental considerations into the Stage-Gate Metrics Framework, and ongoing research on ocean energy’s role in desalination processes. Collaborative efforts on environmental impacts, alongside developments in wave and tidal energy modelling and OTEC Economics, underscore IEA-OES’s commitment to global ocean energy development, addressing both technological and environmental challenges.

Throughout the year, the ocean energy sector saw significant milestones, transitioning from experimental stages to advanced technology deployment and operational demonstration. Developers, researchers, and innovators worldwide actively engaged in testing ocean energy technologies in real-world marine environments. However, sustained investment and supportive public policies remain crucial. While progress in infrastructure like test sites and research facilities has been steady, challenges such as permit delays and economic uncertainties underscore the need for enhanced regulatory support and innovation.

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