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Technology Events Webinars
22 May 2023
4 pm CEST / 3 pm BST

Reducing costs & risks: Practical experience in the application of standards

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Image: Magallanes Renovables


Jonathan Colby, Streamwise Development
Caroline Lourie, EMEC
Cristina Martinez Lozano, Magallanes Renovables
Jonathan Hodges, Wave Energy Scotland

Technical specifications for ocean energy have been developed in the past few years. However, they remain relatively untested through practical use. Feedback from practical use is vital in refining the specifications and increasing their uptake as design standards. This in turn will facilitate coherent development and assessment of technologies and avoid unnecessary costs and risks.

This webinar will explore ways to facilitate the use of specifications and showcase examples of practical use in ocean energy technology development.

You can view the presentation slides here:

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