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27 April 2023
3 pm CEST / 2 pm BST

Navigate through permitting in the UK and France

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Image: Orbital Marine Power


Marlène Kiersnowski, SEENEOH
James Murray, Orbital Marine Power

Permitting is a necessary step in any ocean energy deployment. Delays in permitting can slow down the whole project. To make the process proceed smoothly and reduce overall project costs, developers must be well aware of the different steps and requirements included in permitting.

In this webinar, speakers from the TIGER project will share guidelines for project permitting in the UK and France. Developers will learn, how to navigate through the permitting in these key deployment countries, in particular for tidal energy, and secure green light for their deployments. Regulators and public authorities can extract best practices to apply in their national processes.

You can view the presentation slides here:

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