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15 June 2021
3 pm CEST

Installation & marine operations

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Image: Green Marine


Jason Schofield, Green Marine

Richard Parkinson, Inyanga

Michael Henriksen, Wavepiston

Deploying ocean energy devices will benefit from bespoke installation methods but, due to the limited number of devices and projects deployed to date, ocean energy lacks a dedicated and specialised supply chain. So far, the sector has mainly used vessels staffed with technicians and divers from oil and gas or other maritime-related activities. However, the steady progress of the ocean energy sector is starting to demand the development of tailored practices and equipment for ocean energy deployment – which in turn are seen as having significant and early cost reduction potential.

This webinar will feature experts on installation and marine operations. The speakers will present their experiences gained in wave and tidal energy deployments and share tips on the best ways to get your device into the water.

You can view the presentations here:

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