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Policy Research report

New ETIP Ocean report: EU and national policies play a key role in ocean energy development

By Lotta Pirttimaa & Donagh Cagney


The ETIP Ocean report Mapping & prioritisation of key policy fields for ocean energy identifies the national, EU and international policy areas that have the largest impact on the ocean energy sector. It determines the focus of ETIP Ocean’s policy coordination work that will ensure a coordinated engagement with the key policy processes.

The results are not surprising: market pull mechanisms, financial instruments for demonstration projects and ocean energy targets and strategies are the three most important policy areas at national level. Right on the top are also EU-level financial instruments for demonstration projects and funding for research and development.

In general, national and European level policy areas are perceived as more important than the international-level policy areas. This confirms the criticality of EU and especially national policies to support the sector’s development.

International certification & standardisation still reached a high score, reflecting the importance of internationally recognised certificates and standards. They will give the investors certainty that the technology is approved and will work, both in home markets and in export destinations.

The results of the report are based on a detailed mapping and prioritisation exercise.

This is an extract, full report available as PDF download

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