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15 February 2023
11 am CET

Go/no-go decision in Horizon Europe demonstration projects

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Image: CorPower Ocean


Robert Goodchild, CINEA

Eunice Silva, CorPower Ocean

Preparing for open sea testing involves the commitment of significant resources. In order to reduce the underlying risks, Horizon Europe calls for demonstration projects include a go/no-go decision. The go/no-go analysis serves as a checklist that determines whether the project should enter the demonstration step or not.

But what is required to pass the go/no-go “gate”? Which evidence must be collected before entering the phase of open sea testing?

In this webinar, CINEA, the European agency responsible for the implementation of projects, will describe which activities must be completed ahead of the go/no-go decision. You will also hear from a wave demonstration project how they implemented this evaluation into their project.

You can view the presentation slides here:

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