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ORJIP report: Sharing Environmental Monitoring Data

ORJIP Ocean Energy has published a report ‘Sharing Environmental Monitoring Data’ that presents the key challenges and solutions for sharing environmental data in the wave and tidal energy sector. Sharing environmental data can facilitate consenting processes, thus accelerating deployments and progressing the sector as a whole.

Data collection and analysis costs, data formatting and confidentiality are among the key barriers to data sharing, says the report. It proposes wider support from funding programmes, covering not only the data collection but also the analysis and dissemination in an accessible format. Anonymisation techniques will allow sharing the data to the benefit of the whole sector while respecting the intellectual property rights.

To improve data sharing in the ocean energy sector, the report highlights the importance of interconnecting data platforms used in different projects, sectors or regions. These should be discoverable through widely used existing data platforms such as EMODNet.

This is an extract, full report available as PDF download

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