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Technology Research report

NeSSie project: Corrosion solutions and new materials for offshore energy installations


The NeSSie project published a report summarising the results of the three studies conducted during the project. The NeSSie project aimed at delivering new business and investment opportunities in corrosion solutions and new materials for offshore energy installations.

These studies focused on:

  • providing the structure to map the current situation in relation to anti-corrosion solutions and the use of new materials in off-shore renewable energy
  • identifying business and innovation needs as well as the economic value along the complete off-shore renewable energy value chain concerning service life and specifically anti-corrosion solutions and new materials
  • mapping the funding options available for supporting the delivery of the demonstration projects in this area across the public and private sector
  • identifying and analysing the best practice of demonstration project development in off-shore renewable energy

The report shows the need of a multidisciplinary and updated map of the cutting edge technology in order to effectively design its future development.

This is an extract, full report available as PDF download

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