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NEMMO report: Study on socio-economic impacts of tidal energy

The NEMMO project team recently conducted a socio-economic assessment to identify the possible socio-economic impacts that may arise during the NEMMO project’s life cycle. The NEMMO (the Next Evolution in Materials and Models for Ocean Energy) project aims at improving the design and performance of tidal turbine blades.

Key survey results are presented along with an analysis of two scenarios focusing on the potential development sites, i.e., Scotland (Fall of Warness tidal site) and Wales (Morlais tidal site), where local economies could benefit from the tidal project.

The results of the analysis have revealed the responsibility and commitment of the NEMMO project to the local community, not only in complying with the current legislation, but also in striving for continuous improvement through the establishment of initiatives that promote working and living standards.


Key findings

Scotland appears to be well positioned to lead the industrial activities linked to the manufacturing of the floating platform, which is the most significant economic activity in terms of economic impact, thus generating significant local socio-economic impacts in this sector.

Wales seems much more specialised in activities related to the electrical and electronics industry, such as the production of electronic components, other electronic and electric wires, and cables. As a result, the manufacturing activities of power take-offs and the (cable) electricity system has significant local socio-economic impacts in Wales.

This is an extract, full report available as PDF download

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