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Consenting Environment Research report

Marine Renewable Energy: An Introduction to Environmental Effects

By Andrea Copping


OES-Environmental has published a brochure summarising the latest research on the potential impacts of installation and operation of ocean energy devices.

The brochure provides a clear overview of the main potential environmental effects of ocean energy development, the current status of the effect based on scientific data and recommendations for minimising potential risk.

The brochure concludes by sharing the concepts of risk retirement and data transferability, as developed by OES-Environmental, that can be used to decrease environmental concerns and facilitate consenting of ocean energy deployments.

Key findings

There have been no observations of marine mammals, seabirds, or sea turtles colliding with turbine blades, and no evidence that fish collisions with operational turbines lead to injury or mortality.

The level of underwater noise generated by ocean energy is considerably lower than levels expected to cause physical harm or affect the behaviour of marine animals.

No animals have been observed to be entangled in ocean energy devices or components.

The electromagnetic field levels from ocean energy cables are comparable to or lower than those from existing subsea power cables.

This is an extract, full report available as PDF download

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