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Socio-economic Events Webinars
21 October 2021
11 am CEST | 10 am BST

Benefits & tips for local community engagement

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Image: BlueWise Marine


Brian FitzGerald, Simply Blue Energy

Ayoze Castro, PLOCAN

John Breslin, BlueWise Marine

Any renewable energy project can benefit from consulting the local community already in the planning phase of a project. These exchanges can give valuable information on the characteristics of the local environment, but also increase the acceptance of the project.

Despite the relatively small size of the projects to date, ocean energy developers already actively engage with local stakeholders and communities. Raising awareness of this new innovative sector and harnessing local knowledge can have an important positive impact on the project’s success.

This webinar will present some of the local community engagement practices taking place in ocean energy today and discuss the developments for the future. Make sure to participate and learn useful tips for your next project!

You can view the presentations here:


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