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Research report

Industrial Roadmap for Ocean Energy

By taking the lead in the global ocean energy market, Europe will benefit from economic activity worth €140bn by 2050,…
By Henry Jeffrey & Shona Pennock & Jose Luis Villate & Pablo Ruiz-Minguela & Donagh Cagney & Lotta Pirttimaa
01 Jul 2022
Progress report

ETIP Ocean engagement with the SET Plan actions

ETIP Ocean is supporting the progress towards the SET Plan targets by working in a close collaboration with the SET…
By Lotta Pirttimaa & Donagh Cagney
01 Jan 2022
Research report

2030 Ocean Energy Vision

Ocean Energy Europe’s vision for 2030 sets out the sector’s plans for ambitious deployments, dramatic cost reductions and exciting industrial…
By Donagh Cagney
13 Oct 2020
Research report

Powering Homes Today, Powering Nations Tomorrow

On the 10th of April, ETIP Ocean published a new report ‘Powering Homes Today, Powering Nations Tomorrow’, putting a spotlight…
By Donagh Cagney & Rémi Gruet
10 Apr 2019
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