NatureScot report shows zero collisions around tidal turbines

NatureScot report shows zero collisions around tidal turbines
NatureScot Research Report 1225 Review of underwater video data collected around operating tidal turbines 1 1 page 0001


A new report from NatureScot examining underwater video data observes zero collision events around operating tidal stream turbines.

The study, undertaken by Aquatera, aimed at determining what can be learned from previous monitoring programmes on tidal turbines as well as improving the knowledge of potential risks on marine wildlife.

Video data were examined from three operational tidal turbines: SIMEC Atlantis’ MeyGen Tidal Array at the Pentland Firth, Scotrenewables’ (currently Orbital Marine) SR2000 at EMEC and Voith Hydro’s HyTide at EMEC. Wildlife was observed only in 22% of the video samples and no collisions occurred. When the tide speed was low, fish were found to investigate or feed off the nacelle.

The report lists 36 recommendations for improving underwater monitoring system planning and design, data collection, and data review and analysis. It also highlights the need for more information on the ability of marine wildlife to avoid tidal turbines. This would help ensure that monitoring requirements are proportionate and fit for purpose.