ETIP Ocean workshop at OEE2017

ETIP Ocean workshop at OEE2017

Date: 26th October 2017

Time: 1:30pm to 3:30pm

Venue: Room 'Club Atlantique'

The City, The Nantes Conference Centre

5 Rue de Valmy

44000 Nantes, FR 


ETIP Ocean has analysed the challenges facing the ocean energy industry and has been running webinars on the identified priorities. The ETIP Ocean annual workshop 2017 reviewed and built upon results from the webinars and developed strategies to take the industry forward. 


During the workshop, the ETIP Ocean secretariat briefly presented the findings from the events and webinars so far and then participants broke out into smaller groups focussing on specific topics. The groups analysed results from these webinars:

-          Metrics and stage-gate development programmes.

-          Enhancing social impact and acceptance.

-          Control systems for improved yield, reliability and survivability.

-          Minimising negative environmental impacts.

-          Wave Power Take Off – Have we cracked it?

A final feedback session allowed all attendees to comment and provide feedback.

The workshop was taking place alongside Ocean Energy Europe 2017 Conference & Exhibition.


The findings and the recommendations from the workshop will be published on ETIP Ocean website in the coming weeks.