ETIP Ocean

ETIP Ocean is a recognised advisory body to the European Commission, part of the EU’s main Research and Innovation policy the Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan).

ETIP Ocean brings together around 1000 experts from 150 organisations covering the entire European ocean energy sector.

In November 2016, ETIP Ocean published a first Strategic Research Agenda for the ocean energy sector. It was updated in June 2020, when ETIP Ocean published the new Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda. This document prioritises research topics and is the industry's main input into European and national research programmes. 

ETIP Ocean was also entrusted by the European Commission to work on the technological aspects of its Ocean Energy Forum. It's main output is a Roadmap to commercialisation with concrete recommendations for policy makers and industry.

In April 2019, ETIP Ocean published an updated report Powering Homes Today, Powering Nations Tomorrow, putting a spotlight on the ocean energy technology’s progress over the past 2 years and setting out clear actions to bring ocean energy to the point of industrial roll-out.

Building on its work and on the Ocean Energy Forum Roadmap, ETIP Ocean continues to bring together knowledge and expertise, proposing solutions to accelerate the development of the ocean energy sector and set it along the pathway to commercialisation.


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